Girls For Matures – Peggy and Sandy

Peggy and Sandy have known each  for a really  long time,and both of them have hubbies who often leave on long boring delegation. So to make time pass by faster, these two nasty chicks have become closer and closer, so closer that these horny milfs even made the latest Girls For Matures pics.

In this latest one they are at Peggy’s house and after the usual coffee, their bodies make contact and Peggy accidentally rubs her boob against Sandy’s arm. She feels it, feeling her hard nipple and before she knew she starts rubbing it, making her nipples get all pointy and hard, and them she starts licking it, feeling it in her dirty slutty  mouth, making Peggy go all wet and horny. She takes from her purse a large black hard dildo and after she shoves it in Peggy’s mouth to make it hot and wet she spreads her legs and she starts fucking her friend really hard, going in and out, each time harder and deeper, making her moan and scream with deep sexual  pleasure. After that, she also wants some goodies, and to get her thank you from her friend she makes her eat  her tight wet twat, making sure Peggy doesn’t miss an inch. She loves to feel her deep inside her, circling deep inside her, making her come in full blown pleasure. Have a look at GirlsForMatures and cum with these nasty babes

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